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On August 9th, 2017, I became ill to a viral brain infection called Meningo-Encephalitis which left me with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  Life as I knew it did a complete 180. If you are or know of a brain injury survivor, you know first hand the challenges that come along with the ABI survivor title. I was making good steady progress with my recovery when in April 2019, I was inflicted by a second brain insult. Following a General Anesthetic (GA), I went back 20 months in time in terms of recovery and had to start the journey all over again. This was truly devastating after all the effort invested the first time around. The second brain insult wasn't as kind on me either so I began looking outside the square to find ways to improve my overall functioning and quality of life.

Raising awareness of brain injury and brain injury recovery is important to me because I'm hoping that others don't feel as alone as I felt in the early days of recovery, that they find precious information that is not always conveyed by the health specialists and that it helps them find that little sparkle of hope that will lead them forward on their own recovery journey.

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