Emilia Clarke: Keynote speaker at Dreamforce 2019 with President Barack Obama, Tim Cook and many other world leaders

Did you know that 1 in 3 people in the world will have an acquired brain injury at some point in their life? 

That’s more than two million in the UK, 12 million in the US and a staggering 135 million worldwide.

What’s more, this is almost certainly an underestimate of the true scale of this epidemic, because of a shocking lack of relevant data. Chances are, you might know someone who has had a brain injury. It’s one of the biggest global health challenges we face.

In fact, there are more people living with the consequences of brain injury than those living with dementia.

Millions of people like Emilia have Acquired Brain Injuries, mostly caused by stroke and traumatic brain injury.

For everyone who survives these injuries, there are life-long physical, psychological and emotional consequences. But as these consequences can often be invisible, we are invisible too.

The greatest shock came when Emilia left hospital. She described it as ‘like walking off a cliff with no one to break my fall’. It’s incredibly frightening, the feeling that you’ve been abandoned to fend for yourself when you are least physically and emotionally prepared.

In sharing here story and listening to thousands of others tell theirs, Emilia realized that even in the best healthcare services, neurorecovery is not a priority.

Emilia shared her story at Dreamforce 2019 talking about brain injury and resilience and the importance of recovery with Bennet Omalu.

To watch the event click here.

So now we need your help. We need commitment from leaders to support SameYou’s campaign to break the silence and put Brain Injury Recovery on the agenda.

Let’s talk more about our plans and the opportunities for you to get involved. Get in touch here and let us know how you think you could help.