Use your voice and be part of the recovery revolution in Wales

16,872 Welsh residents were admitted to hospital with acquired brain injury from 2016-2017. Many of these people are now trying to rebuild their lives.

However, there is a massive gap between what is available for them and what is needed; there are simply not enough therapy professionals to meet the demand, leaving many people without access to rehabilitation care.

PC Jo Rhydderch speaks about the difference rehabilitation has made to her:

“When I began to receive support from community neurorehabilitation everything changed. I was able to better understand my injury, learn coping strategies to manage fatigue and negative emotion, meet other people in a similar situation and learn techniques to improve wellbeing. I was in a much better place.”

SameYou want to help everyone have access to rehabilitation. We have been to the Welsh Assembly to speak up about the urgent need for neurorehabilitation and to commit assembly members into putting this at the very top of Wales’ health agenda. 

Right now, the data available on brain injury rehabilitation is limited. This prevents major change from happening. Helping fill in the data gap is one of our priorities.

We need your voices. We want to show the people in charge what your needs are. We want to listen to people living Wales and make sure you are the heart of this revolution. 

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