Check out our new online store. Exclusive t-shirts, jumpers and tote bags designed by Bench Allen + GOMMIE – available now!

The team at SameYou and TeeMill are excited to launch our online store. These t-shirts, jumpers and tote bags have been exclusively designed by Bench Allen + GOMMIE and are available now!

man wearing same you shirt

Every purchase helps us with our mission of raising awareness of brain injury and the devastating impact it can have. We want to show the need for increased access to rehabilitation services and together create a change. 

Click here to go to the store.

We support sustainable and ethical practices, which is why we have partnered with TeeMill. TeeMill have put in place the best practice for sustainability from the start. They ensure that their cotton is organically certified, every part of the plant is used, farmers are paid a fair and guaranteed price, and clothing is reused. Their packaging also has no plastic and is made from waste material. Best of all, their factories only use power from renewable sources. 

In the future, we plan to work with more artists and produce more fantastic illustrations – keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you enjoy this sustainable clothing line as much as we do,

The Team @ SameYou