Emilia Clarke announces Advanced Level Nurse Practitioner Training Programme in partnership with the RCN Foundation


SameYou’s Founder and Patron, and Ambassador for the Royal College of Nursing, Emilia Clarke, attended the RCNi Nurse Awards in London this week to pay tribute to and celebrate our incredible professionals in the Nursing Industry.  Speaking at the event, Emilia said:

I speak on behalf of everyone who has ever known pain, ever known loss, ever known the need to get back to life. You are there, with us and we thank you.

Being the ambassador of the RCN is a role that I do not take lightly, I feel it is my duty and my privilege to give voice to you incredible professionals.”

Also announced at the event, Emilia spoke about SameYou’s partnership with the RCN Foundation to create a unique advanced level, practitioner training that will provide a unique qualification for neurorehabilitation that covers physical, cognitive and the missing piece of the puzzle, mental health recovery support.

The RCN Foundation and SameYou will be launching this new qualification for roll out in 2020. It will be the lynchpin of our drive to help change the priority on rehabilitation funding for people recovering from brain injury and stroke.

The NHS has 40,000 unfilled nurse jobs and that number is rising. Specialist Advanced Nurse Practitioners are the nurses who understand your specific condition and so can take care of your specific needs. At the moment there aren’t enough to go around and a tipping point is being reached.

SameYou have created a Supernurses programme to back our fantastic nurses and help to change the outcome. We are raising funds to strengthen the education and professional development of nurses enabling them to provide better care for people in recovery.

Please take a look at our Supernurses page to find out ways to get involved.