Fundraising to the beat

Mic with text Raise to the Rhythm


This month we are hearing from one of our brilliant fundraisers, Carla, who is working to make a change in brain injury recovery by hosting fantastic music and Halloween events for SameYou.

Carla explained that she first heard about SameYou through Emilia’s story, and although she had not experienced brain injury, reading about brain injury survivors and their experiences made her realise how easily her life could be changed.

Touched by these personal accounts, Carla explained that she wanted to “reach out to people, like her, who might not be aware of the risks and struggles associated with brain injury”.

“I believe the work of SameYou is vital in making sure the conversation on brain injury in young adults is regarded in the same way as any other disease. I know things won’t change overnight but I believe if we all do something small to help, we can make things better for future generations of survivors.”

“I think these changes will be possible not only with more funding, but also by spreading awareness. The more we talk about brain injury and its consequences on individuals and communities, the more chances we have to bridge the gap and provide the services needed.”

Carla explained that she was “not really good at running marathons” but she wanted to bring one of her passions, music, to good use.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. I love singing and have been in choirs for the past 8 years. I have witnessed first-hand how it’s a great way to bring people together, but also how singing in a group has many physical and emotional benefits. I wanted to make sure there was still a link between the theme of the evening and the charity, as music therapy has been used with patients to treat Aphasia.”

With the music evening, Raise to the Rhythm, a huge success, Carla was keen to push ahead and plan a Halloween night later in the year.

Carla with a group of people at the Halloween event

The spookily themed event “was a great opportunity to bring together local musicians and everyone’s feedback was so good we are already planning the next one!”

Carla is now looking ahead in 2020, with a few more fundraising ideas in the works – watch this space! Here is the link to donate to her page.

Thank you, Carla, for finding your groove, combining your passion with music and fundraising, and helping to shine a light on brain injury.

To find out more about being one of Emilia’s Game Changers and fundraising for SameYou, click hereLike Carla, you don’t have to love running or sports to make a difference to a good cause, your fundraising is totally your own!