Rocking out to fundraise for brain injury recovery

This month’s Game Changer is Petar Zabic, from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Petar is one of our most engaged supporters on social, joining our cause after coming across Emilia’s story in the New Yorker.

Petar told us, “It had such a profound effect on me, a very emotional read, it got me. I just connected immediately; I began to tear up. I mean, I quite possibly had a lingering eye lash blurring my vision, but who am I kidding, I just wept at my computer.”

Petar has a love for acting, movies, cooking and music and, after embracing many failed attempts at cooking, also plays in a band which he formed for artistic and creative relief. If you take a look at Petar’s social, it is littered with him and his trusted companion, ‘the guitar’. He can’t live without one, always looking for the next gig, the next stage, the next audience, the next song idea, seeking inspiration from anywhere and he has decided to use his talent to fundraise for SameYou by gigging.

Petar describes himself as ’an outsider looking in’ having empathetically experienced the heartache of close friends and their families losing loved ones because of a sudden aneurysm. The loss of a friend’s father whilst he swam at the beach on a Sunday with his family. A good friend instantly succumbed and helpless by blurred vision, lying on the floor at his workplace, only to be taken away in an ambulance and pronounced dead 24 hours later due to swelling in the brain.

Petar told us: “Brain injury, aneurysms, subarachnoid hemorrhages, internal bleeding and ruptures in the brain is something that cannot be neglected, and there is no place for ignorance. There needs to be increased medical and educational practices put in place and funded to minimize and prevent instant abrupt death and subsequent heartache. I love learning, I’m fortunate enough to use my acting skills working as a Simulated Patient at  Griffith University here in Queensland. I’ve assisted first year medical students to  appropriately handle patients with speech difficulties after suffering a stroke. I have such tremendous respect for the educators, medical specialists and nurses for what they undertake, and being a part of the training and teaching process is very humbling learning experience.

After reading Emilia’s story in the New Yorker, Petar describes Emilia as a true standalone heroine! “She survived twice, and is a living, breathing testimonial of someone who is still here to tell the tale and is utilizing her platform to launch SameYou, shedding a ray of light for anyone suffering as she has suffered and endured.” Petar told SameYou that Emilia’s story was that beacon of light in a dark tunnel after his father passed in 2017 from mesothelioma, a terminal form of lung cancer caused from asbestos. “There was that shine in the distance which said, you can move along now Pete, it’s your time! Just rock out, you are good at it.

This week saw Petar donate a further $200 to SameYou and he is now at 69% of his $1400 target. Please take a look at Petar’s Just Giving page here and support him on his fundraising journey as he continues to gig.

Help Petar hit his target in memory of Zorko Zabic .