SameYou kicks off new partnership with Spaulding Rehab and delivers funds for new three-year brain injury study


SameYou and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital are launching a vital research initiative to help brain injury survivors. After sharing her story earlier this year, Emilia inspired supporters around the world to raise $1 million for Spaulding to fuel a new research initiative.

Emilia Clarke commented: “I want to thank all of our SameYou supporters for raising the money to enable this world leading research. Millions of people like me have Acquired Brain Injuries. Chances are, you might know someone who has had a brain injury. It’s one of the biggest global health challenges we face.  I am determined to be a catalyst for change and this research is a vital part of SameYou’s journey to help make a difference to brain injury survivors.”

SameYou co-founder and acting CEO Jenny Clarke was at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston for an official signing ceremony with renowned researcher and medical leader, Ross Zafonte, D.O., senior vice president of research, education and medical affairs at Spaulding and chair of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. SameYou’s $1 million grant will fuel a three-year research study, “Resiliency After Acquired Brain Injury: Defining and Enhancing Biopsychosocial Function,” led by Dr. Zafonte under the auspices of Spaulding Research Institute and its new Discovery Center for Brain Injury and Concussion Recovery.

“The courage Emilia showed to come forward and the spotlight she has brought to accelerate brain injury research and recovery is astounding. We are so thankful to all of her fans around the world who contributed to this effort and are energized to partner with SameYou and Spaulding to improve neuro-recovery care for young adults after brain injury and stroke,” said Dr. Zafonte.

The capacity to recover, or resilience, is central to the ability of brain injury survivors to return to their pre-injury status. Unlocking the biology of recovery and understanding the variability of survivors’ capacity for resilience is key to delivering personalized rehabilitation plans that can help survivors find their strength and regain their sense of well-being. A Harvard Medical School teaching hospital known for its first-class care and world-class research, Spaulding holds the distinction of being designated a Model System in Traumatic Brain Injury by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.

SameYou is a U.K./U.S. registered charity for Brain Injury Recovery that provides grants and advocacy support to urge world leaders to prioritize improvements in neurorehabilitation care and research, serving young adults who experience brain injury and stroke. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital is recognized as a “top three” rehabilitation hospital by U.S. News & World Report and is part of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, along with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod, Spaulding Hospital Cambridge, Spaulding Nursing and Therapy Center Brighton, and 25 outpatient sites throughout Eastern Massachusetts. For more information about Spaulding, please visit