SameYou’s launch in Wales

On the 5th of November, SameYou joined forces with the Welsh Assembly to raise awareness of brain injury. We called upon assembly members to put neurorehabilitation at the forefront of the health agenda in Wales.

Each year in Wales, thousands of people sustain a brain injury. They are unpredictable in their consequences, immense in their impact and change lives in a matter of seconds. Without urgent access to effective neurorehabilitation, many people won’t get the help they need to rebuild their lives.

And this is why we have launched SameYou. We know first-hand how devastating a brain injury can be; how isolating, frightening, long-lasting and life-changing.

Dave Jones, a Welsh brain injury survivor, talks about his experience:

I was 36 when I had a brain stem bleed in 2017. After being discharged I had 6 weeks of physical rehabilitation, 2 appointments of speech therapy, and once that was finished I was left on my own. I am still not able to work due to fatigue, memory loss, anxiety and speech issues. As soon as I am able though, I want to be able to help other brain injury and stroke survivors. For me, it’s not recovery because you are rebuilding yourself to be a different person.

We were immensely pleased to have our brilliant partners, Eluned Morgan and Kirsty Keenan, hosting us. It was wonderful to see so many survivors, families, assembly members and practitioners at the event. Together, we are looking forward to identifying where we can best support existing provisions and push for a change in Wales. 

Use your voice and start the recovery revolution.

To watch a live stream of the event, click here. 

To read more about our plans and hear the stories of our Welsh survivors, download our brochure here