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Two-year Research study and Emergency Campaign for virtual wellbeing support

We are funding a groundbreaking two-year study into the biopsychosocial impact of brain injury. This innovative study explores the interplay of physical problems, mental health issues and social challenges that brain injury survivors face, with a view to designing new biopsychosocial recovery therapies that will enable a level of recovery once thought impossible to achieve through traditional approaches.

The study involves Spaulding’s core laboratory research team examining the causes of common chronic health problems arising from brain injury and conducting enhanced research into the behavioural and mental health problems caused by a brain injury. The Spaulding participatory-action researchers will look at the recovery challenges from a patient perspective and the social impact of living with brain injury.

The goal is to advance the understanding of the physical, mental and social challenges of brain injury recovery, to define new therapies and approaches that will redefine the long-term wellbeing of brain injury survivors worldwide.

I want to thank all of our SameYou supporters for raising the money to enable this world-leading research. Millions of people like me have a brain injury but nobody talks about it. Chances are, you might know someone who has had a brain injury. It’s one of the biggest global health challenges we face. I am determined to be a catalyst for change and this research is a vital part of SameYou’s journey to help make a difference to brain injury survivors.

- Emilia Clarke

Working with Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, SameYou have funded remote options for therapeutic human connection during the Covid-19 crisis. Our goal is to help individuals who have experienced a brain injury or stroke to recover and thrive safely and remotely with assistance from this six-week course. The PAVING the Path to Wellness programme is facilitated by Dr. Beth Frates, a Spaulding/Harvard Medical School lifestyle medicine specialist, wellness coach and award-winning teacher.

Learn more about the PAVING the Path to Wellness programme.

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