SameYou's Timeline of Impact

Emilia Clarke shares her story in The New Yorker.

Emilia and her mum, Jenny, launch SameYou in the UK and the USA.

SameYou funds a groundbreaking 3-year study by Spaulding Rehabilitation into the biopsychosocial impact of brain injury on young adults.

Emilia becomes an Ambassador of the Royal College of Nursing, to raise the profile of nursing.

Brilliant volunteers join the SameYou team.

SameYou works with the Royal College of Nursing Foundation and The University of Edinburgh to analyse the unmet needs of young adults recovering from ABI.

The charity works with the Royal College of Nursing and The London School of Economics and Political Science to explore the economic case for investing in advanced practice nurse training.

The charity launches its Recovery@Home resource library.

SameYou works with Baroness Eluned Morgan on SameYou Wales launch.

Emilia speaks at Dreamforce 2019.

Work with The University of Edinburgh to develop its postgraduate certificate which trains neurological nurses in holistic rehab care, including mental health and physical recovery after brain injury.

Survivor Portraits are launched, led by a team of volunteers.

NROL is created with University College London during COVID.

Emilia becomes an Ambassador of Nursing Now.

SameYou works with the World Health Organisation.

Emilia receives the Public Leadership in Neurology Award from the American Brain Foundation.

SameYou sponsors the Nightingale Challenge with Nursing Now.

The Neuro Recovery Directory is launched.

SameYou hosts an event with a panel of clinicians, NHS and survivors to launch the analysis of 1,400 lived experience stories.

The charity is granted funding from The National Lottery to launch the second phase of NROL with The University of Central Lancashire and 5 East Lancashire hospitals.

SameYou furthers its partnership with Visionable to develop better rehabilitation strategies enabled by technology.

The Untold Story of Brain Injury report on 1,400 lived experience stories sent to SameYou are published, highlighting the scale of the unmet need.

The Untold Story of Brain Injury animation is released, telling the stories of brain injury survivors from the survivors themselves.

SameYou launches its 33 for ABI challenge to highlight how 1 in 3 people will be affected by brain injury in their lifetime.

The charity funds Edinburgh University’s 3-year research programme for nurse-led, holistic rehab intervention for young adults following ABI.

Resources for survivors and their loved ones are launched.

SameYou partners with University College London to define what's needed for a new mental health pathway for brain injury survivors.

SameYou becomes a founding member of the World Health Organisation's World Rehabilitation Alliance.

The charity works with The University of Edinburgh for its YARNS Transitions Project, a 3-year study that examines the needs of young adults with a brain injury.

SameYou partners with Cochrane Rehabilitation to help radically improve the lives of brain injury survivors.

The charity leads a major initiative with Mount Sinai New York to provide additional trained volunteer resources to support survivors and families.

In partnership with Sphere Rehabilitation, SameYou launches the SameChat pilot peer support programme.

Emilia and Jenny receive MBE Awards for services to People with Brain Injuries.


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