SameYou challenges nurses to transform recovery care & rehabilitation after brain injury

We are delighted to announce that SameYou will be sponsoring the first challenge of the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative in partnership with Nursing Now. SameYou and Nursing Now believe that nurses have a critical role to play in brain injury recovery and should contribute to the development and innovation in this field.

Our challenge to nurses is: Identify the gaps in brain injury rehabilitation needs and available services. Explain how nurses can transform recovery care and rehabilitation after a brain injury, and describe how your approach could be implemented.

Emilia and Jenny Clarke will join Nursing Now on Wednesday 22nd July, 3pm UK BST for a live webinar to reveal more details about the challenge. You can register to attend here.

The Global Solutions Initiative provides the opportunity to connect with nurses around the world to share ideas for nurse-led innovations to resolve global health issues. Your innovations could make a major difference in the recovery pathway for brain injury and stroke survivors. 

Innovation can mean a purposeful change – change to realise clearly defined benefits to the brain injury patients. It does not have to be brand new but must be new within the brain injury recovery field. It can be about the design and development of a new service, or modification or redesign to an existing service.

This challenge will run for two months. At the end of that time, along with a panel of experts, SameYou will look at outcome solutions submitted from nurses globally and choose a winning solution. The creator/s of the winning solution will be invited to discuss their ideas in more detail with Emilia Clarke on a live webinar with Nursing Now.

“We are looking forward to seeing what gaps in brain injury recovery care nurses see, and understanding how they would like to make a purposeful change to the pathway of care in brain injury recovery with nurse-led innovation. This is such an exciting project to be part of and we are proud to support the enhancement and leadership training of our nurses globally,” Jenny Clarke, CEO of SameYou.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to build partnerships & influence the future of global health. Join the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative here

Register for the launch webinar here.

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