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SameYou is a brain injury recovery charity that works to develop better mental health recovery treatment for survivors, raises awareness and advocates for change.

Emilia Clarke survived two life-threatening brain haemorrhages while working on Game of Thrones.   

The response to Emilia sharing her story and becoming a founder of SameYou has been overwhelming and revealed the huge unmet need worldwide.  

We strongly believe that by combining voices, we all have the power to advocate for change, to highlight the gaping chasm in care and demand better. Our lived experience story is echoed by millions around the world - and the local story has become global.  

Brain injury doesn't just happen to the brain but to the whole person. SameYou’s purpose is for brain injury survivors to know they haven’t lost the person they were before. 

We seed fund innovations in research and therapies; work with partners to deliver education programmes for healthcare professionals and deliver real-time group rehabilitation services to revolutionise care.  

We are also a proud member of the World Health Organisation’s World Rehabilitation Alliance, which commits to boosting worldwide access to rehabilitation. 

In the first 4 years we have delivered practical help and improvements in recovery by working with teams around the world. 

  • This includes a groundbreaking 3-year study by Spaulding Rehabilitation to investigate resilience in young adults after brain injury. It is a world leader in advanced rehabilitation treatment and research and the official teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • The University of Central Lancashire and East Lancashire Hospitals Trust are also running a pilot project of NROL - Neurorehabilitation Online – alongside SameYou. It delivers pioneering group rehab in real time online, which is a cost-effective way to reach more people. It also means survivors of brain injuries can access help in their own homes rather than attend hospital.
  • SameYou is also working with University College London to develop a first-of-its-kind mental health pathway and protocol for survivors of brain injury.
  • Working alongside the Royal College of Nursing Foundation (RCN) to create a post graduate module for advanced level practitioner nurses, and the London School of Economics and Political Science to explore the economic case for investing in the training.
  • And we also partner with The University of Edinburgh for its ongoing work exploring the diverse experiences and unmet needs of young adults recovering from brain injury to enable new approaches to care.
  • Thousands of survivors have written to us about their experience of brain injury and said how they identify with Emilia's story, leading to a support resource called Portraits to tell the untold story of brain injury.
  • For support after leaving hospital, SameYou has also created Recovery @ Home, a digital resource library featuring clinicians and therapist, a signposting service called The Neuro Recovery Directory to access support and a buddy system to connect survivors.

Nearly 1 in 3 people will have an Acquired Brain Injury at some point in their lifetime but research reveals that 45% of stroke survivors feel abandoned once they have left hospital. Reports say 135 million worldwide are living with brain injury. This is an underestimate of the scale of the problem due to the lack of focus on brain injury.

We are a small charity with a uniquely different approach. We influence and strengthen advocacy. By listening to our survivors and reflecting on lived experience, we look for real solutions to remedy the inconsistent mental health care across the world - and help to deliver them.

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