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We appreciate that for many of our fundraisers, these are exceptionally difficult times. It is for that reason we’ve been amazed by the support that we have received during the COVID-19 crisis.

Many traditional fundraising activities will no longer be able to take place, but we still need your help to improve brain injury recovery through ground-breaking research, specialist training and our work supporting new innovative services. During this pandemic we’ve funded virtual rehabilitation clinics to provide support for brain injury survivors - with your help we can do even more.

Every pound, euro or dollar you raise helps us help the brain injury community.

We know that it will not be possible for all to give, but by organising fundraising events you can still help survivors of brain injury.

Take a look at our handy fundraising guide for tips to get you started.

Sign up today and fundraise for SameYou.

All in your head

Whilst undergoing neurosurgery, 24 year old Abby Jarman set herself a goal to raise $200 for SameYou and to get people talking about brain injury. She has raised a total of $3,000 so far and is still going! We think Abby is an amazing young lady and a beacon of light for brain injury survivors and their loved ones and that is why she is our supporter of the month.


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Jack Tate is taking on an epic adventure!

This month’s supporter of the month is going the extra mile. 479 miles to be exact!

Jack Tate is taking on an epic adventure. Jack is walking the massive distance from North Yorkshire to Cornwall, to raise awareness and funds for SameYou after his dad suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2018 which led to life-changing brain injuries.

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Gaby Noe is our first supporter of the month!

Gaby suffered an ischemic stroke at the age of 25 which killed a large portion of her occipital lobe of the brain. One year on, she has decided to fundraise for SameYou by running 10k!

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