Community Fundraiser image

Hosting a community fundraiser for SameYou

Each year, we organise a home charity fundraising event where our community comes together and supports a charity.

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Running Event Fundraiser image

A life-changing event inspired me to run for SameYou

I found SameYou late into my recovery, but I felt I’d found a place where I was understood and a place where there were helpful resources and signposts.

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We're organising a fundraising event in our workplace

We strive to find a charity that we can support every month that directly impacts our community.

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Fundraiser: In memory of Emma image

In memory of Emma

This entire endeavor is dedicated to the memory of my beloved late wife, Emma, who tragically passed away from a brain aneurysm in 2019 at the tender age of 25

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Fundraiser: Ethan Olivares image

Whether it’s cancer or brain hemorrhages, all of us are in this together

Last year I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, but whether it’s cancer or brain haemorrhages, all of us are in this together.

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Fundraiser: Eric Raymond image

This isn’t a disease or sickness that attacks the elderly or unwell – young people face an equal risk!

Eric Raymond is a former US Army Soldier who has suffered symptoms of traumatic brain injury and is traveling to the UK to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon all the way from Las Vegas.

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Fundraiser: George Martin image

I'm running the LLHM for my grandad

George Martin is 18 years old and our youngest London Landmarks Half Marathon runner. "It is a great achievement for me to be able to take part in the LLHM. I feel privileged that I am able to run for a charitable cause while achieving a personal goal."

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Fundraiser: Francesca Zampieri image

I wanted to inspire others by promoting a healthier lifestyle and running a half marathon

Francesca Zampieri is fundraising for SameYou by running the London Landmarks Half Marathon. "I’m not running for myself, I’m running for every person who feels alone, lost. Everyone who thinks life it’s not worth it anymore, everyone who is struggling, who has been through a lot and doesn’t know how to get out of the black hole."

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Fundraiser: Conor Logan image

Anyone could become the victim of brain injury or stroke, regardless of age

I have never been through the life-changing experience of sustaining a brain injury before, but upon talking to survivors and seeing the statistics, I felt like a drastic change needed to take place to make people realise that anyone could become the victim of brain injury or stroke, regardless of age.

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Fundraiser: Abby Jarman image

All in your head

Whilst undergoing neurosurgery, 24 year old Abby Jarman set herself a goal to raise $200 for SameYou and to get people talking about brain injury. She has raised a total of $3,000 so far and is still going! We think Abby is an amazing young lady and a beacon of light for brain injury survivors and their loved ones and that is why she is our supporter of the month.

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