We're organising a fundraising event in our workplace

We strive to find a charity that we can support every month that directly impacts our community.

With March being Brain Injury Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on SameYou, as brain injury hits close to home for our Houston office. Jonny’s wife, Katie, has had 2 life-changing surgeries and while she is on the road to recovery, we wanted to show our support through an organization that focuses on that road.

Brain injuries and illness wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind until it affected my wife in 2022. After 2 life-altering brain surgeries in the last 1.5 years, my wife now begins the long road to recovery.

During this recovery, I was amazed at how underfunded and underrepresented brain injury and recovery was in the US and UK.  The support needed to help those who are recovering from something we essentially take for granted needs to be highlighted more. Throughout the month of March, we are raising money for SameYou to help increase funding, awareness and support to patients and families recovering from the trauma of brain injury, illness and surgeries.

Jonny Cassidy, Michael Page Houston


Getting your workplace involved

With 1 in 3 people experiencing a brain injury in their lifetime, chances are someone in your workplace, or one of their loved ones, will have come face-to-face with this reality. A workplace fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity to support your colleagues and show them you care.


Benefits of participating in a workplace fundraiser

By getting your workplace involved, you can make a real contribution. You can:

  • help boost morale and team spirit in the workplace
  • strengthen relationships with colleagues who have experienced brain injury first-hand or via a loved one
  • make a positive impact in your community while supporting a cause.

There is also a deep sense of accomplishment and fulfillment linked to giving back as a community.


Ways to participate

Whether you organise a bake sale, a charity run with your colleagues, set up a donation box in your workplace, host a raffle or launch a fundraising page to raise money for the cause, you can have a meaningful impact in your workplace.


Fundraising for SameYou

By fundraising for SameYou, you support the work that the charity does to develop better mental health recovery treatment for survivors; help us create self-help resources for survivors when they go back home and raise awareness of the impact of brain injury.


Take action today

Don't wait any longer, start planning your workplace fundraiser now. Get your colleagues and the management on board and make a difference.

By supporting SameYou, you can help raise awareness of brain injury and help close the rehabilitation and emotional support gap that survivors and their families experience during recovery.

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