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Millions of people worldwide need increased access to neuro-rehabilitation. Every penny you give makes a difference, whether a one-off or regular donation.

SameYou is dedicated to creating a future where anyone affected by brain injury can achieve the best possible recovery by accessing long-term physical, psychological, and mental health services.

As a charity, we depend on voluntary donations. Big or small, these gifts make a huge contribution towards our work.  

SameYou is here to make crucial treatments and support accessible to every survivor.  But we can’t do this alone.

Your donations support our work collaborating with world-class specialists to create innovative therapies and building a global platform and recovery centre. Together we can transform the lives of the 1 in 3 people who will develop a brain injury in their lifetime.


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There are so many ways to give to SameYou at no additional cost to you! Take a look at the different ways here...


Payroll Giving -SameYou logoPayroll Giving is an easy and tax-efficient way for you to support SameYou straight from your payroll.  Regular giving supports us in making plans and allowing us to focus on our charitable objectives. 

As an employee, you choose how much you want to give to SameYou each payday (minimum £1). By donating to SameYou from your gross pay, there is no tax liability on your donation and you will pay less tax.  

Let’s give you an example. A donation of £10.00 to SameYou per pay period will only cost you: 

  • ‍£8.00 if you’re a basic rate taxpayer 
  • £6.00 if you’re a higher rate taxpayer 
  • £5.50 if you’re an additional rate taxpayer  

It is easy to setup and once it is done you can feel confident your money will be transmitted safely every month to SameYou. 


Contact: [email protected] for more information on how to set Payroll Giving.



Did you know that many companies offer to match employee donations making it an easy way for your donation to go even further.

Getting your donation matched is a simple process of contacting your employer’s HR department or searching your organisation’s intranet page for “matching gifts”. They’ll be able to tell you more about their programme and requirements. Billions of dollars or pounds worth of gifts remain unmatched each year – don’t let this be your donation.

We are already registered on several matching gift portals - ask your employer today to see if your donation can go even further!


Support us whilst shopping online

Did you know that you can generate easy and free donations for SameYou every time you shop online? We've partnered with companies that allow you to support SameYou whilst you shop online. These companies allow you to raise money for us at no additional cost to you.


Easyfundraising is a great way for you to raise money for us just by shopping online with thousands of stores.

Join for free on the Easyfundraising website, select SameYou as your chosen charity, and then whenever you shop online with a participating store, the reminder will let you know that a donation will be made to us if you shop via


Generate free donations for SameYou every time you shop online via TheGivingMachine. It's easy to sign up, and raise a free donation when you shop online with over 2,000 retailers.



Celebrate & Donate!

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, baby shower or wedding, you can help SameYou to change the lives of brain injury and stroke survivors through Celebrate and Donate.

Thank you so much for thinking of us at this special time for - you can set up a fundraising page which makes it simple for people to donate in celebration. 

It's easy to sign up by visiting Just Giving and follow the easy steps.


However you choose to make a donation, thank you for your support.

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