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Many of you have written to SameYou about your experience of brain injury and told us how you identified with Emilia's story. There was a common feeling of relief about hearing a familiar story from someone young, and speaking out to normalise the injury. People were comforted that Emilia had gone through something similar to them or to a family member or loved one. 

The overwhelming emotion was of gratitude that Emilia was breaking her silence and that enabled and emboldened so many others to tell their brain injury story - some for the first time. It was as if people now have permission to speak out about their story.

I get days when I just want to give up. But after hearing your story it has made me realise, I'm not on my own!

You have told us that by sharing your stories, and reading other people's, offers hope, comfort and much needed peer-to-peer support that is often hard to find. 

SameYou have created this support resource called Portraits to tell the untold story of brain injury. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch here.

Portrait: Jennifer

Jennifer's stroke affected her vision, hearing, balance, ability to walk, and weakened her left side.

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Portrait: Iveta

Before I suffered a ruptured aneurysm and subsequent brain surgery at 36, I had felt young, strong, beautiful and independent. I had felt invincible. The brain injury left me devastated – both physically and emotionally.

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Portrait: Alicia

On September 13th 2011, I defied the odds after my bike crash put me in a 13-day coma leaving me struggling with severe amnesia, vestibular system damage, and diffuse axonal contusions.

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Portrait: Megan

I was on a city bike in uptown Minneapolis, on my way home, when without warning I suffered from a subarachnoid ruptured brain aneurysm, a brain hemorrhage and stroke.

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Portrait: Janine

I am a secondary school teacher and on the 24th October, 2019, I was about to get up and get ready for work when I sneezed. Although I did not know it yet, a Blister-type aneurysm had ruptured in my brain and I was experiencing a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.

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Portrait: Hanna Maria

At the age of 29 I survived a head-on collision. My brain moved around so much that the mid-line shifted entirely. 

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Portrait: Catherine L

I remember nothing of this...I was found sick over the toilet saying I had a excruciating headache and I thought I had a brain hemorrhage.

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Portrait: Samantha M

I thought I was doing everything correctly – working out, maintaining a slim, trim body, yoga, etc. but aged 44, I had 2 Trans Ischaemic Attacks (‘TIAs’) and a more severe stroke.

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Portrait: Steve

After my third visit to the hospital in three days, I was home and suddenly everything changed. So off to the hospital for a 4th time. 

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Portrait: Pedro

On December 4th of 2014, I was biking to work when I was hit by an SUV. I suffered a traumatic brain injury that permanently changed my life.

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