SameYou and Seva.Love are launching an NFT for Good to increase awareness and raise funds to increase and improve

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At SameYou we have 3 significant projects we are working towards in collaboration with rehabilitation clinicians and neuroscientists.

Many people find it hard to believe that almost 1 in 3 people will experience a brain injury and need recovery support at some point in their lives. Despite brain injury impacting more people than either dementia or breast cancer, brain injury is seldom discussed. Which is why this Giving Tuesday, November 30th, SameYou and Seva.Love are launching an NFT for Good to increase awareness and raise funds to improve access to brain injury rehabilitation.

Survivor Stories

On the 21st March 2019 the actor Emilia Clarke shared her deeply personal experiences of having two cerebral aneurysm bleeds. She spoke of having two neurosurgeries and the consequent neurological symptoms such as losing her speech, pain, fatigue and the psychological impact. Emilia realised she was not alone and that others had experienced similar things. So she asked you to tell her your story - and you and your loved ones responded with stories of your pain, loss, resilience and recovery, just like Emilia.

On this page, survivors, carers, friends and family share their personal experiences of acquired brain and traumatic brain injuries.

Atticus Lim: Neither my family nor I knew what to expect

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Veronique Theberge: My brain injury story

Veronique's brain injury was acquired following a brain infection called viral meningo-encephalitis.

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Luke and Ellis Parry: Our Story

A few years ago, my identical twin brother, Luke, suffered a traumatic brain injury. The event would change his life completely but also inspire the work we now dedicate ourselves to. It is a deeply personal story and is central to the company, our ethos and vision.

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Leon sustained a hypoxic brain injury ten years ago

In this video with Dr. Katherine Dawson, Leon talks about the early days after his brain injury, anger, memory, and fatigue issues and how understanding how his brain has been affected made him feel more in control.

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When you leave hospital, make sure recovery comes home with you.

When you leave hospital, it can feel like you are ‘falling off a cliff’. We are partnering with our wide community of clinicians and therapists to give you access to information that would not be readily available, and provide reassurance on your journey to recovery and finding your SameYou. 

Tai Chi for survivors of brain injury and stroke

With a background in Chinese martial arts (tai chi and kung fu), Dr Giles Yeates demonstrates a Tai Chi routine for survivors of brain injury and stroke to try.

Positive Minds: Introduction to returning to work

Returning to work or a meaningful purposeful activity is an essential part of many people's journey's following a brain injury or stroke. Dr Giles Yeates looks at what is entailed in the journey back to work.


Positive Minds: Returning to work post brain injury

Dr. Giles Yeates looks at the complicated journey back to work after a brain injury or stroke and the need for support from employers and clinical services.