Creating the missing emotional & mental health recovery services essential for brain injury & stroke survivors

Over 10,000 people have written to SameYou telling us that they don't have the necessary therapies to help them recover. Read our report analysing why survivors and their loved ones feel unable to move on after brain injury.

SameYou's vision is to transform the way brain injury survivors and their loved ones are supported through emotional, mental health and cognitive recovery services.

But we can't do this alone. We need you - our survivors, carers, providers and allies to join SameYou in the recovery revolution. Together we can transform the lives of the 1 in 3 people who will develop a brain injury at some point in their lives.

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Breaking down boundaries after brain injury

"Using the deeply personal experience of its founder Emilia Clarke, pioneering charity SameYou is committed to challenging the stigma around brain injury and widening access to neurorehabilitation."

In this month's article in The NR Times, our CEO and co-founder Jenny Clarke discusses the situation for survivors, what action must be taken, and how the first-of-its-kind SameYou Centre and global platform is set to up the ante in support for people living with brain injury even further.


Survivor Stories

Many of you have written to SameYou about your experience of brain injury and told us how you identified with Emilia's story. There was a common feeling of relief about hearing a familiar story from someone young, and speaking out to normalise the injury. People were comforted that Emilia had gone through something similar to them or to a family member or loved one. 

The overwhelming emotion was of gratitude that Emilia was breaking her silence and that enabled and emboldened so many others to tell their brain injury story - some for the first time. It was as if people now have permission to speak out about their story.

I get days when I just want to give up. But after hearing your story it has made me realise, I'm not on my own!

You have told us that by sharing your stories, and reading other people's, offers hope, comfort and much needed peer-to-peer support that is often hard to find. 

SameYou have created this support resource called Portraits to tell the untold story of brain injury. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch here.

Portrait: Pedro

On December 4th of 2014, I was biking to work when I was hit by an SUV. I suffered a traumatic brain injury that permanently changed my life.

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Portrait: Vik

How it all started...Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik. "Guys, you hear that?" I asked.  

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Portrait: Lisa J

I was visiting a location in March 2021 on a weekend in NY state when I stopped at my very best friend from middle schools' apartment on my way home from work to meet her first son and have dinner. After a couple of hours, I started to experience the worst headache of my life. I was getting sweaty, and my vision was blurring.

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This short film tells the stories of brain injury survivors from the survivors themselves

We asked them to tell us how they feel. Some of them have done this for the very first time. We applaud their courage for speaking out. We invite everyone to hear and understand the lived experiences of brain injury and find out what has helped people recover and what is needed to help so many more. 

When you leave hospital, make sure recovery comes home with you.

When you leave hospital, it can feel like you are ‘falling off a cliff’. SameYou have created digital resource library with our wide community of clinicians and therapists to provide reassurance on your journey to recovery and finding your SameYou.

Tai Chi for survivors of brain injury and stroke

With a background in Chinese martial arts (tai chi and kung fu), Dr Giles Yeates demonstrates a Tai Chi routine for survivors of brain injury and stroke to try.

Positive Minds: Introduction to returning to work

Returning to work or a meaningful purposeful activity is an essential part of many people's journey's following a brain injury or stroke. Dr Giles Yeates looks at what is entailed in the journey back to work.


Positive Minds: Returning to work post brain injury

Dr. Giles Yeates looks at the complicated journey back to work after a brain injury or stroke and the need for support from employers and clinical services.