SameYou represents the needs of people recovering from brain injury and stroke to help provide better holistic rehabilitation care

We work with global partners to find and test new treatments and play our part in making these available to more survivors.

1 in 3 people will have an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) at some point in their life. Almost half feel abandoned when they leave hospital due to the lack of services.


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Finding brain injury rehabilitation services in the UK close to you

We know how difficult it is to find neurorehabilitation services once people leave hospital, so we created this directory to signpost to local services in the UK.

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When you leave hospital, make sure recovery comes home with you.

When you leave hospital, it can feel like you are ‘falling off a cliff’. We are partnering with our wide community of clinicians and therapists to give you access to information that would not be readily available, and provide reassurance on your journey to recovery and finding your SameYou. 

Positive Minds: Finding new ways to reclaim sexuality after a brain injury

In part three of this series, Dr Giles Yeates looks finding new ways to reclaim sexuality after a brain injury.

Positive Minds: Impact on sexuality from brain injuries: physical, cognitive and emotional

Dr Giles Yeates looks at the physical, cognitive and emotional impact on sexuality from brain injuries and the impact for survivors from medication and from relationship conflict.

Positive Minds: Sexuality After A Brain Injury

Many aspects of a survivor’s body and mind can change in diverse ways following brain injury (e.g., mobility, sensation, memory and thinking). 

Emilia speaks to Professor Nick Ward

In our final episode, Emilia and Nick discuss the importance of a holistic approach to rehabilitation for brain injury survivors and their families.

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