Calling for better brain injury rehabilitation

Brain Injury Awareness Month is dedicated to highlighting the complexities of brain injury and its true impact on survivors.

SameYou co-founder, Emilia Clarke MBE, helped to smash the stigma around brain injury in young adults after speaking publicly about surviving two brain haemorrhages.

It led to thousands of young survivors around the world finally speaking out about their own battles and revealing that access to rehabilitation is shockingly inadequate and it must be made available to those who need it.

Now we are launching a campaign, Unmasking the Impact of Poor Rehabilitation Care, to outline just how essential it is for timely, high-quality rehabilitation services after brain injury.

And we are asking for YOUR help to shine the spotlight on this very real, global issue. We are calling for a show of unity throughout Brain Injury Awareness Month, which runs through March, to help advocate for improved access to support, world-wide.

How to get involved...

  • Help us to build a picture of the critical importance of rehabilitation care for the 1 in 3 who will experience a brain injury in their lifetime.
  • Wherever you are located in the world, and however you are affected by brain injury, we would like you to submit a picture that reminds you of an achievement during the recovery journey and provide a short description telling us why you are calling for better brain injury rehabilitation care.
  • Your voice and your personal experience are essential to help us to campaign for better rehabilitation care for survivors.

We are calling for everyone - survivors, loved ones, supporters and the medical community - to come together with their story to help to educate the public about the challenge that comes from a brain injury and to advocate for better rehabilitation services.


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