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SameYou was founded by Emilia Clarke, after her two brain haemorrhages to highlight the lack of brain injury recovery services and to call for the transformation of neurorehabilitation for all.

By creating awareness and connecting people, we are building powerful communities that will drive change.

We are already a community of thousands of people, so please join and help us.

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To make a change for the better

Join us and add your voice to the call for urgent change for brain injury and stroke recovery. Brain injury recovery is underfunded and misunderstood. It’s an invisible condition that is often met with prejudice or embarrassment when it deserves sympathy and support. We also urgently need greater provision and access to recovery care, and ongoing research into more effective recovery therapies.

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Become one of Emilia’s Game Changers and fundraise for SameYou, no experience necessary! You don’t need a ton of spare time to make a difference, either. When you sign up we’ll send you our fundraising pack to get you off and running…(or hiking, baking, skydiving, car washing, 24-hr shuffle dancing or whatever you choose to do!)

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Be informed. Be cared for. Be listened to. Be part of our growing movement of people who are spreading the word about the urgent need for change. We are a catalyst for changing the world of brain injury & stroke recovery, and we need you to help us reach our goal of better awareness, access and care. Thank you.

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