Five years with SameYou

From the moment we launched, and Emilia told her story, thousands of survivors reached out to us to share details of their own journeys – which shockingly revealed a huge unmet need for rehabilitation.

That important outpouring from survivors led us to forging key partnerships with world-leading universities, health institutions and healthcare professionals to create innovations and solutions to help change the lives of survivors.

In the past five years, SameYou has achieved numerous milestones as it has helped to revolutionise the way brain injury recovery and rehabilitation is approached. From its small beginnings, we have pushed boundaries and challenged status quo resulting in growth, innovation, and most importantly, hope, for those in need of brain injury rehabilitation.

This includes collaborations with Spaulding Rehabilitation, University College London, The University of Edinburgh, Sphere Rehabilitation, The University of Central Lancashire and five East Lancashire hospitals and Mount Sinai New York.

Our work has also led us to Geneva, as SameYou was granted membership to the World Health Organisation’s World Rehabilitation Alliance, which is committed to boosting worldwide access to rehab.

And just last month, Emilia and Jenny were awarded MBEs for services to People with Brain Injuries.

We would like to invite you to look back on all that has been achieved.


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