Hosting a community fundraiser for SameYou

Each year, we organise a home charity fundraising event where our community comes together and supports a charity.

My name is Kala and in 2002, aged 30, I experienced a brain haemorrhage. Prior to this, I had been dealing with vertigo attacks for ten years. One day, one of my two aneurysms burst, leading to my urgent hospitalisation for clipping. Thanks to the incredible care from our NHS and the unwavering support of my family, I was able to make a full recovery.


Why fundraise for SameYou?

Every year, I make it a point to give back by hosting charity events at home which includes the sale of coffees, delicious cakes and sweets and a car wash station to raise funds for various worthy causes. This year, I wanted to fundraise for an organisation that provides crucial support for individuals who have suffered brain injuries, a resource that unfortunately wasn't available to me during my own health crisis in 2002.

I am grateful for the impact that SameYou has had on so many lives and I wish them continued success in their important work.


What I found rewarding about fundraising for SameYou?

I absolutely love giving back and helping others and always have throughout my life. Fundraising for SameYou has been an opportunity to spend time with my amazing friends and family who help me on the day, and to see our community come together to support an important cause. Seeing the community rally behind this fundraising event is extremely rewarding to me.


Kala's fundraising tips...

Having family and friend's support while hosting the event is essential. Any contribution will make a difference. Here, Kala shares other fundraising tips:

  • Make sure to give people enough notice
  • Consider making it a yearly event, then the community is on the lookout for your event.
  • Create an event on your Facebook page and share it
  • Share your fundraising event on your local community page

For more tips to help your fundraising efforts, please see SameYou's fundraising guide.

Fundraising guide


Why Kala encourages other supporters to fundraise for SameYou

I also volunteer for other organisations and see first hand how important it is to help others and be kind. You don’t have to give up much of your time for it to make such a big difference to other people’s lives.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to organise community fundraising events at our home, to have help from friends & family and have the unwavering support of the community.

Community fundraisers are an incredible opportunity to foster connection within your local community and to raise money for a worthy cause. They are an incredible way to bring an incredible sense of fulfillment.

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Fundraising for SameYou

By fundraising for SameYou, you support the charity's work to develop better mental health recovery treatment for survivors, create self-help resources for survivors when they go back home and raise awareness of the impact of brain injury.


Take action today

Don't wait any longer, if you're thinking of organising a community fundraising event, get in touch to find out how you could make the most of this opportunity to fundraise for SameYou.

By supporting SameYou, you can help raise awareness of brain injury and help close the rehabilitation and emotional support gap that survivors and their families experience during recovery.

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