Your stories of returning to work after brain injury

SameYou has created this support resource called Return to Work Stories for survivors and their loved ones to share the difficulties of returning to work after brain injury.

Survivors can often face challenges by going back too early while they are still struggling with cognitive deficits. This can result in issues continuing in the same role, leading to anxiety over finances.

Carers who may have been out of the workplace for a number of years can also encounter barriers with skills and training as well as the pressure of juggling additional responsibilities at home.

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SameYou and the Big Issue are working together to help survivors and carers of people who have experienced brain trauma to be supported with specialist skills and job coaches to enable them to find routes to sustainable employment.

Big Issue Recruit – a recruitment service for those who face barriers joining the workforce - will appoint specially trained experts who can support the candidates to achieve their goals and aspirations to find sustainable employment.

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RTW: Scott and Hayley image

Scott and Hayley speak about their return to work

Scott Pearshouse suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury at the age of 27 after falling 40ft. His family were told that if he survived, he would be in an inpatient facility for at least two years.

Scott's wife, Hayley, was 23 and progressing in her first job as a visual merchandiser for The Arcadia Group after finishing university when she gave up work to care for Scott.

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RTW: Sarah image

Sarah's return to work story

Sarah* 55, changed her career path after suffering two ruptured aneurysms, one in 2005 and another in 2012.

She left her role as a veterinary nurse and moved to an administrative position.

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RTW: Dan image

Dan's return to work story

Dan Lock, 47, a commercial manager for a private hospital, had his first brain surgery for a foramen magnum decompression to treat Chiari malformation at the age of 35. Following complications, he went on to have another 6 brain surgeries over the next 5 months. 12 years later, he was taken ill again and required emergency brain surgery in June 23. He lives in Kent with his wife Elaine, and son, Owen, 3.

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RTW: Eddie image

Eddie's return to work story

Eddie Burgess, 64, from Burnley, suffered a stroke last year. He works with adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues and those with challenging behaviours.

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