Share your return to work story

If you have a brain injury return to work story that you would like to share – as a survivor or carer, we would love to hear from you. Your voice is so important.

If you would like to share your return to work story, please complete the form below.

Below are some helpful guidelines to follow when sharing your experience:

1. We recommend that you try and keep your story around 1000 words or less.

2. Tell us your name, age you were when you or your loved one experienced your brain injury and the type of brain injury.

3. We encourage you to look at our suggested questions below and answer them so we get a good overview of your return to work story. 
What was your role at the time of the brain injury?
How long after your brain injury did you return to work? If you didn't return, please expand.
• What were your main motivations for returning to work?
Have there been changes in your role since returning to work? If so, please expand.
Tell us in which way your employer was supportive or could have been more supportive when returning to work?
What aspect did you find the most challenging after returning to work?
Which resources or information would you have benefitted from after returning to work?
If you feel comfortable doing so, please expand on any struggles you may have experienced that were due to your brain injury.

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