Whether it’s cancer or brain hemorrhages, all of us are in this together

Last year I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, but whether it’s cancer or brain haemorrhages, all of us are in this together.

I haven’t gone through a brain haemorrhage or another brain related injury. But last year I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. And for pretty much all of this year I have been fighting it.

The first half of this year I did chemotherapy every two weeks, though I started in December of last year. Chemo went on until May and every time I met with the doctor, my numbers were all looking better. It seemed I was finally going to be cured. But sadly fate had other plans for me.

A PET scan after my birthday on June 4th revealed that my cancer relapsed. Came back with a vengeance. And I appear to have some kind of mass in my lung that’s been causing me to cough nonstop. Over the last few weeks I have been doing biopsies, including one on my lung and I was really scared because there was a risk my lung might collapse. Thankfully it didn’t.

One thing that helped me get through all this was thinking of Emilia Clarke who I admire so very deeply. She’s my hero. I thought about how she survived two brain haemorrhages while filming for Game of Thrones. Her strength inspired me greatly. And also how kind she is to everyone. She started a charity to help people who went through or are going through similar hard experiences that she went through. Just thinking of her really helped me a lot. It helped me believe that I could make it through these biopsies just fine. And I did.

I really really want to tell Emilia personally how much she inspires me and how she helped me keep my spirits up and helped give me strength. But I know that’s unlikely to happen. However it’s possible for me to show her my thanks in another way. By helping her wonderful charity help other people who are going through difficult times.

I may not have a brain injury or haemorrhage but both cancer and brain related injuries are difficult hard times for anyone who goes through them.

When I heard that SameYou was hosting the 33 for ABI challenge, I wanted to take part. I had to pick something very simple - walking - because I can’t do much in my current condition but it’s still something.

I want to helping this wonderful charity by participating in a fun challenge to help fundraise for people going through rough times. I’m making sure to spread the word to my friends and family on Instagram about it to try and get some small donations.

Whether it’s cancer or brain hemorrhages, all of us are in this together. We’re all going through rough difficult and scary moments in our lives together, so the best we can do is help each other. I hope my 33 walks help SameYou make a difference. 

We think Ethan is an incredible young man to be going through everything that he is, and still be thinking of and trying to help others, which is why we wanted to feature his story and tell everyone all about him.

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