RCN & University of Edinburgh Young Adults Research Project News

The RCN Foundation has awarded funding to a unique research project that will explore and analyse the diverse experiences and unmet needs of young adults recovering from an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or stroke. 

The goal is to advance the knowledge of patients’ mental, physical and cognitive needs, to enable new approaches to recovery care. This research project is the first phase of the development of a pioneering neurorehabilitation education programme developed in partnership with SameYou, which will be rolled out later in 2020. 

The grant is funding a research study with partners in Scotland, Wales, London and Northern Ireland entitled YARNS (Young Adults’ Rehabilitation experiences and Needs following cerebral vascular accident - a Scoping Study). YARNS will explore the lived experience of young people with brain injuries, to develop a much clearer understanding of the health challenges they encounter on the road to recovery.

There is little known about the long-term problems young people face when they suffer a brain injury, and this research - which is true to our founding goal - will listen to the stories of young people, help experts in the field learn from their experiences and contribute to the development of better recovery care.

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