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In our first 4 years we focused on three goals:

1. Funding groundbreaking, innovative research into new therapies and recovery programs. We have major initiatives with world class hospitals and universities in progress.

2. Raising global awareness of how widespread brain injury really is. We have already created community of over 38,000 supporters, fundraisers, social media influencers, survivors and carers. We have received over 1400 stories about your personal brain injury recovery and we'll be sharing what we've heard from these stories soon.

3. Training of advanced brain injury nurses and developing nursing courses. We have commissioned a unique Masters degree education programme for advance level practitioners to address the holistic rehabilitation of the brain, body & mind.

SameYou have delivered practical help and tangible improvements in recovery, but we know we have so much more to do. With your continued help, we’ll get there.

Please donate to help us continue our work to improve recovery for young adults after brain injury and stroke.

Here is some of the work we have proudly supported over the last year…

University College London (UCL)

N-ROL is a telerehabilitation initiative with UCLH Queen Square which was made possible thanks to your generous fundraising during the Covid pandemic.

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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston

We are funding a groundbreaking three-year study into the impact of brain injury, exploring the interplay of physical problems, mental health issues and social challenges that brain injury survivors face.

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The RCN Foundation

SameYou are working in collaboration with The RCN Foundation to help nurses respond more effectively to the effects of neurological conditions – a leading cause of death and disability in the UK.

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ELHT and UCLan

SameYou are working in collaboration with ELHT and UCLan to run a pilot programme of N-ROL to help support survivors of stroke and brain injuries, meaning they can access help in their own homes rather than having to attend hospital.

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Nursing Now

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As Ambassador for Nursing Now, Emilia believes strongly in Nursing Now's mission to improve health by raising the profile and status of nursing worldwide. SameYou and Nursing Now believe that nurses have a critical role to play in brain injury recovery and should contribute to the development and innovation in this field.

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