Open call for new Chief Executive Officer

SameYou are looking for an experienced, passionate Chief Executive to lead the charity in the next phase of its development. If you think you have the right skills and experience please read about the role and send your CV, along with a covering letter to: [email protected].

Deadline for applications: Monday 21 November 2022

SameYou - Brain Injury Recovery Charity

Founded in 2019 by actor and activist Emilia Clarke

Registered in the UK and the USA

Background to the cause

Brain injury is one of the biggest – yet most neglected - global health challenges we face. Almost 1 in 3 people will experience an acquired brain injury (stroke, brain haemorrhage, tumour or traumatic injury) during their lifetime

At least 2.5 million[1] people in the UK and 155 million[2] people globally live with the consequences of brain injury – more than with breast cancer or dementia. And, with ageing populations, the number of stroke survivors is set to double by 2035.

Brain injury affects the whole person – brain, body and mind – and survivors have complex recovery needs. Many are dependent on others for help with routine daily activities and the social and emotional impacts - being unable to return to work, feeling depressed or experiencing strained relationships with loved ones - can be overwhelming.

The cost to society is estimated at £40 billion in the UK and $800 billion worldwide each year[3].

Despite advances in our understanding of the brain, effective treatment and support for people with brain injury remains poor, with nearly half of all survivors feeling abandoned after leaving hospital.

Many don’t get enough support and those who are most vulnerable in society often receive the least support. The devastating personal, societal and economic consequences of brain injury demand that we do better.

Our purpose

We work as a catalyst for change to play our part in transforming the provision of acquired brain injury recovery services.

As a survivor-led organisation, we have first-hand experience and understanding of the perspective and needs of thousands of survivors and their families after experiencing brain trauma.

Through our Founder we have a global profile and platform to bring attention to underserved chronic healthcare issue and represent the Voice of the Survivor. 

We collaborate with world-leading leading neuro specialists and partners to deliver innovations in research, education and patient care:

With University College London, we developed the first group online rehabilitation programme to support survivors of brain injury during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now expanding this within the UK with a view to getting it commissioned by the NHS.

With the Royal College of Nursing Foundation and University of Edinburgh, we have developed a postgraduate certificate in Neurological Rehabilitation and Care to train nurses to provide high-quality care after stroke and brain injury.​

In the US, we are supporting Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, a world leader in rehabilitation, on a research study into the behavioural and mental health problems caused by a brain injury, which will inform the design of new therapies. 

With the Royal College of Nursing Foundation, we are awarding a grant to develop the feasibility study for a large scale nurse-led holistic intervention and pilot to support the mental health needs of young adults after Acquired Brain Injury.

We are a lean, highly efficient team of 3 people building relationships and delivering 4 pillars on support for ABI survivors and their loved ones. 

We have a global team of 18 volunteers who help us pro-bono to deliver our SameYou support services and our digital management

SameYou led support

1.Survivor Portraits:  We have a database of 10k anonymised stories. We interview and publish two a month on our site and promote on our social channels which so people can have their voices heard.

2.Recovery@Home videos: A series of self-help videos by neurorehabilitation specialists

  1. Neurorehab Directory: Signposting organisations and charities providing post acute services
  2. Buddies for ABI: A pilot programme matching survivors and their carers who have experienced brain injury in the past to share their learnings with people who are at the beginning of building their new lives after brain trauma.

The CEO role

SameYou was co-founded by Emilia’s mother, Jenny Clarke, who has acted as CEO since launch and overseen the development of our strategy, existing relationships, partnerships, and programmes. 

We are now recruiting for an experienced CEO who will build on the foundations already set and develop a high impact future to build awareness and take action to transform brain injury recovery services in the UK and the USA.

Key attributes

  • Experience in healthcare leadership with understanding of the UK and USA healthcare environment
  • Experience of charitable fundraising
  • Practical hands-on leadership style
  • Forward thinker able to work with various business models
  • Experience in philanthropy and investment funds
  • Proven interest in the cause or related health and social issues
  • Evidence of financial and commercial experience
  • Charity growth ambitions compatible with co-founders’ vision
  • Experience in growing small teams to achieve growth objectives
  • Forward thinker able to work with various business models
  • Location either UK or USA
  • Self-starter able to motivate a small team and develop a sustainable future without growing a large organization


[1] The Stroke Association; Headway

[2] Seshadri et al, Lancet Neurol. 6, 1106-1114 (2007); Frost et al, Neuroepidemiology 40, 154–159 (2013).

[3] The Stroke Association; Parsonage M. Centre for Mental Health (2016),; Teasell,; Maas et al. Lancet Neurol. 16, 987–1048 (2017).

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