We Don't Talk About Brain Injury Dance Campaign

SameYou are running a month-long dance campaign to raise awareness for brain injury recovery to culminate on International Dance Day.

Why dance?

Studies have shown that dancing, as a form of rehabilitation, can have positive effects on the brain. Dance can improve rehabilitation for people with brain injury (coordination, memory, socialisation, emotional control, and physical fitness. Dance can help people rebuild their identity after brain injury and be adapted to suit all people.

We want as many people as possible to join us and dance for brain injury with the brilliant dance choreographer who has joined us for this campaign, Christina Andrea. Over 10,000 people have written to Emilia since we launched SameYou. There was a common feeling of relief about hearing a familiar story from someone familiar, someone that many admired. People were comforted that Emilia had gone through something similar to them or a family member or loved one. The overwhelming emotion was gratitude that Emilia was breaking her silence and that enabled and emboldened so many others to tell their story. It’s as if people now have permission to speak out about their stories.

For this reason, we have chosen the popular song from Encanto and adapted it from We don’t talk about Bruno to We don’t talk about brain injury! We want to spread the important message that it’s okay to talk about it and brain injury doesn’t need to be a ‘hidden condition’.


Click here to watch the video - we can't wait to see your videos - and thank you for taking part!


What do you need to do to get involved?

Can you help us to go viral to raise awareness?

  • Recreate the dance and post on TikTok or Instagram.
  • Tag 3 friends plus @SameYouOrg
  • Use the hashtags #danceforbraininjury #braininjury #tbi #abi#wedonttalkaboutbraininjury #wedonttalkaboutbruno

Here's the dance!

Thank you to the brilliant dancer and choreographer Christina Andrea, who has created the SameYou dance.  Take a look - and don't worry, there are some helpful tutorials to help you recreate the dance too!

Whatever your ability, this dance can be recreated in any way you feel able. 



Click here to watch the video - we can't wait to see your videos - and thank you for taking part!



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