A message of thanks for our supporters this Christmastime

As we prepare to enjoy the holiday season and ring in an exciting New Year ahead, we wanted to take this moment to thank our wonderful SameYou supporters.

We are proud to say this year has seen us mark our 4th birthday which put into sharp focus where our work to develop better mental health treatment for brain injury survivors had taken us so far - and all that had been achieved.

With your help, we have made giant strides forward by working with new partners, including the World Health Organisation, to help transform the recovery pathway. We have also continued work with The University of Edinburgh, Sphere Rehabilitation, The University of Central Lancashire and five East Lancashire hospitals, Spaulding Rehabilitation and Mount Sinai Health System.

We have created additional resources and worked with more survivors to enable them to share their stories, offering hope, comfort and important peer-to-peer support.

And we are thrilled to outline what’s coming up in 2024.

Work is already underway to develop a new, innovative mental health-centred recovery pathway and an information and training programme. We have made connections with a major new partner to increase awareness of the need for rehabilitation and highlight the impact of health inequality. And we’ll also be looking to expand our recovery tools as it’s our vision that everyone has access to support.

Next year we’ll also be organising an online event to mark our FIFTH birthday, so look out for updates.

Just before we sign off, we want to say that without your unending support we wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

That applies to everyone - our supporters, volunteers, advocates, ambassadors, fundraisers, partners and allies.

You’re all invaluable.

We wish you all a New Year full of peace and happiness. We’re looking forward to working alongside you next year.

With love,


The SameYou team

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