Shared Experiences

Studies have shown that there are psychological benefits to shared experiences which result in a number of positive influences on emotional wellbeing and connectedness.

Since we launched, we've been lucky to have met some amazing people, whose voice, story and expertise will help many members of our growing community. For that reason, we have created this page to share stories, help people and raise awareness of what is needed in the recovery pathway.


Our brain’s great capacity for recovery

Neuropsychologist Dr Katherine Dawson writes about what she sees as the cornerstone of rehabilitation by supporting brain injury survivors and their families to establish hope and trust in a future when you don’t yet know what that future holds.

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Chéri’s recovery was full of challenges related to having female-specific symptoms

Chéri Ballinger, former model/actress and now film producer and entrepreneur, suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury in 2014 after a fall onto cement in an action scene on the set. Since her TBI on that day, her life has never been the same. Chéri’s four-year recovery was full of challenges related to having female-specific symptoms that threw her doctors off.

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Covid led to my strokes

When I had two strokes while working in a high-powered job, it stunned everyone who knew me. It was unexpected. I was very fit; swimming outdoors all year, cycling more than 10 hours a week, and a regular gym-goer. I was a scuba diving instructor in my spare time and didn’t imagine that I would be hit by strokes.

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