We're making an animated documentary about brain injury

What are we up to?

Do you have or care for someone with a brain injury? We’d love for you to join SameYou and Animade in an animated documentary. 

Your story has power, and can help others on their own recovery journeys feel connected and heard. We are creating a short animated documentary featuring the voices and stories of brain injury survivors and their loved ones. 

We aim to explore the concept of community, and encourage people on their recovery journeys to find the support they need.

No matter what shape your story has taken so far, if you’re ready, we’d love to hear it.


Who are we looking for?

Anyone! We want to hear voices that represent our whole community, so would love submissions from everyone of any age, race, gender or disability, including aphasia!

While we may not be able to feature every recording sent to us, each voice will be heard, inform the narrative, and help us to break the silence around brain injury.

To carers of those with brain injury, you are very welcome to answer on behalf of your loved ones who can’t do so themselves.


So, how can you get involved?

Getting involved is simple! Answer the following questions in as much or as little detail as you’d like. We would advise recording your answers on your phone (handy tips below).

Check you’re happy with the recording quality, and then send your responses to [email protected]. We’ll do the rest!

  1. Could you please record yourself saying the following statement “I was [age when you had your brain injury] when I had [the type of brain injury you suffered]. For example: “I was 24 when I had my first brain aneurysm.” 
  2. Could you tell us about any long-term effects you had/have from your brain injury?
  3. What was missing from your recovery journey? (for example, did you have access to the different therapies you needed?) 
  4. What advice would you give to others in recovery? 
  5. What does the brain injury community need? 
  6. How did lockdown during the Covid pandemic impact you and your recovery?


Help, how do I record?

Here we have some top tips for you below to ensure your audio is as crisp as possible. There are audio recording apps on most smartphones - you can share the file straight to the email address above. If you’re still unsure, check out this handy link: https://www.wikihow.com/Record-Audio-on-a-Mobile-Phone 



A little about Animade, our animation partner:

Animade will be crafting the final animated film for us. With their expertise in animation and storytelling, alongside our knowledge and guidance on brain injury, we believe we can make something truly impactful. The film will be directed by Animade’s Jess Mountfield, whose platonic soulmate Abby Jarman (one of our brand ambassadors) has suffered a brain injury and is working through the recovery process.


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