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Emilia Clarke is calling for brain injury survivors and their carers to help shine a spotlight on the difficulties of returning to work after trauma as her charity SameYou joins forces with the Big Issue.

Today, the organisations are launching a campaign and calling for survivors and their loved ones to take part in an in-depth survey to investigate the experience of going back into the workplace to help support them with specialist skills and job coaches.

Big Issue Recruit – a recruitment service for those who face barriers joining the workforce - will appoint specially trained experts who can support the candidates to achieve their goals and aspirations to find sustainable employment.

SameYou, which works to develop better recovery treatment for survivors, was founded by actor Emilia Clarke MBE and her mother, Jenny, after she survived two life-threatening brain haemorrhages while working on Game of Thrones.

Its mission is to pilot recovery innovations that bring immediate benefits, with a focus on survivors seeing themselves as the person they were before their trauma.

Emilia said: “We hear from both survivors and their loved ones that returning to work is so important to them for so many reasons, including wanting to regain their identity or independence, to bring a sense of normality back into their lives and just as importantly, for financial reasons.

“For survivors, all too often we hear that they go back too quickly and it becomes overwhelming. They struggle to do the work they did in their previous role and need additional support that isn’t always there. We hear that their loved ones, who have been supporting the survivor, can suffer with a lack of confidence and concerns regarding their skillset as they start their search for a role.

“We are urging survivors and their loved ones to take part in the survey so we can help provide the tools to navigate the world of work with confidence.”

Jenny Clarke MBE added: “1 in 3 people will have a brain injury in their lifetime* and it is one of the causes of homelessness and social inequality. We believe this vital work with the Big Issue can help change lives.”

Paul Cheal, Big Issue Group CEO said: “Through partnering together we are aiming to provide a supportive pathway for brain injury survivors and carers through our Big Issue Recruit employment service, to get back to work that suits their needs and personal circumstances and provide the skills and training needed.”

Carers who may have been out of the workplace for a number of years can also encounter barriers with skills and training as well as the pressure of juggling additional responsibilities at home.

The survey is open to UK residents.

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