Blue Monday doesn't have to be BLUE

What does MENTAL HEALTH mean to you?

In December, SameYou co-founder Emilia Clarke MBE, was asked what mental health meant to her. 

“To me, mental health is the very definition of life. It’s how you feel when you wake up, how you feel when you go to bed, how your friends feel, how your family feels. It can transform or destroy someone’s entire life.” 

Emilia’s answer inspired us to ask you, our supporters, allies and providers what mental health means to you. 

Blue Monday, which is on January 15, is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Gloomy January weather, getting back to reality after the Christmas festivities, combined with often failed New Year’s resolutions, gives it this bleak title.

But with your help, we want to make Blue Monday brighter. 

We want to hear what was beneficial to YOUR mental health journey following a brain injury, or that of a loved one.


So, tell us, what makes you happy? Write, draw, paint, sing, dance or humour us, and capture your special "art” in a picture and submit it to us here for your chance to win a prize.

Submit your entry before January 16, 8am GMT and you will get into the draw to win an item from our new Statement Collection merchandise.

Share a message of joy with millions of people who have been affected by brain injury. 

Submit your entry here 

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January 15, 2024 at 12:00am - January 16, 2024