Growth Mindset Webinar - SameYou 33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery

What place does mindset play in brain injury recovery? 

As part of the 33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery challenge, Alison Rheaume will share a glimpse of her lived experience of traumatic brain injury recovery. Ali will share three impactful action steps to consider, in order to help you embrace a growth mindset during brain injury recovery.

Join the 33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery Growth Mindset Webinar and take 3 steps towards rediscovering the SameYou. 


Date: Wednesday June 21st 


  • US -2pm Eastern Time & 11am Pacific Time,
  • UK - 7pm British Summer Time  


About Alison Rheaume Alison Rheaume

Ali is a seasoned public speaker, support group facilitator for the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, founder and facilitator of Life After Concussion support group, and serves on the Brain Injury Council of Massachusetts as well as the Franklin Disability Commission. She is also an award-winning artist and owner of Embracing Unique. Ali uses social media to help multiply hope, provide new perspectives and apply her gift of teaching to educate and advocate. Ali is passionate about encouraging people to explore possibilities and embrace what each day brings. 



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June 21, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8pm



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