Jack Smiley - Ambassador

Jack is a collegiate NCAA Ice Hockey player and stroke survivor. He is a fierce competitor and dedicated leader, driven by a pursuit of pushing the limits to overcome difficult challenges and a strong sense of purpose to help others.

Using his own life experiences, he provides inspiration and insights on the importance of mentality to those going through adversity. As an undergrad of Exercise Science at Endicott College, he studies the human body and hopes to translate his knowledge to help people live healthier lives in body and mind. Since his stroke in the early months of 2022, he continues to spark conversations with doctors, therapists and other stroke survivors about advancements in the stroke recovery field.

Jack knows what it's like to seemingly have everything that makes you who you are stripped away in the blink of an eye. He recognises that it's not an easy battle, but would like to try to help others find a way through it, to help them find a way to keep moving forward while spreading overall awareness of brain injury and other neurological disorders.

Follow Jack on Instagram: @jacksmi1ey

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