Kavita Basi - Ambassador

After 25 years of being immersed in the fashion industry, Kavita found her mission – to be more ethical from design to production.

Then, she suddenly suffered a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage, a life-changing experience.

She had 4 brain operations and a second stroke, which led to having a shunt. She had to relearn basics, lost coordination, faced hearing deficiencies and vision and sound difficulties - her mind and body had a huge mental shift.

However, her purpose became very clear: to make a positive difference in the fashion industry, to be a role model to the next generation and help other neuro-diverse.

She released her first book ‘Room 23 Surviving a Brain Haemorrhage’ in November 2018 and her second book ’23 Ways to a Happier Life’ was released in May 2022.

She then went on to share her story and how to produce ethical fashion, educating others through her YouTube, Instagram videos, podcasting and speaking engagements.

Kavita has also become an Ambassador for 3 neuro charities - The Bee Foundation, Brain & Spine Foundation and SameYou.

Her company was born during Covid and holds multiple ethical fashion brands, built around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and now BCorp certified.

She donates a portion of the profits to brain injury charities. She still experiences daily challenges so it’s important for her to support others and continue her mission of giving back by showing that even through such adversity, you can have some hope.

Follow Kavita on Instagram: @kavita_basi

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