Making a significant contribution to the future of brain injury rehabilitation

By becoming a monthly donor, you help us to continue our work to deliver practical support to aid recovery after brain injury.

Brain injury affects the whole person; body, brain and spirit, and also has a ripple effect on their loved ones. Rehabilitation can be a long process and is vastly underfunded. SameYou work to bridge the gap by piloting recovery innovations with partners that bring immediate benefits to brain injury survivors and their families.

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By becoming a monthly donor, you provide a regular and consistent stream of resources that allow us to better plan, expand our services and partnerships and raise much needed awareness to change the future of brain injury recovery. A donation of just £10 covers an online rehabilitation session for a brain injury survivor – with a vision to rolling NROL out further into the UK.


Setting up a monthly donation

You can set up a monthly donation by completing the form on this current webpage. The form will take you through a simple process to help you set your monthly donation.

Monthly donations can make a significant difference in the lives of the 1 in 3 people who will have a brain injury in their lifetime. Become a monthly donor today and make a lasting impact. No matter how small, your donation can make a big difference.

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