Implementing Innovation, Improving Care

As part of the Nightingale Challenge Global Solutions Initiative, and SameYou's challenge to nurses, this new webinar discusses 'Implementing Innovation and Improving Care'.

Joining us on this webinar were: 

  • Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, Nightingale Challenge Programme Director 
  • Jenny Clarke, CEO, SameYou
  • Professor Maureen Bisognano, President Emerita and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Lou Waters, GSQIA Co-ordinator & Trainer, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Helen Collett, Neuro-Nurse, Ward Sister, Linden Lodge

We had an hour of fascinating discussion, and think we could have easily chatted for much longer!  We hope you enjoy it and if you are entering SameYou's challenge to come up with a nurse-led solution, we hope it gave you some inspiration!

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