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Help create a new treatment for stroke recovery

Researchers from the University of the West of England are creating a virtual reality treatment to improve stroke-related shoulder pain.

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Livestream for SameYou

Livestream for SameYou and earn your claim to the Throne. SameYou is calling all adventurers to embark upon a quest to help raise funds to support brain injury recovery.

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Key findings from the return to work survey image

Key findings from the return to work survey

Survivors and their carers have laid bare the turmoil of returning to work after brain injury in a survey conducted by SameYou and the Big Issue, revealing that a THIRD struggled with employment after trauma.

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We are conquering our Everest for SameYou

Health entrepreneur Alan Lowe and actor Wayne Gordon will be tackling their very own ‘Everest’ – a gruelling 44,000 step climb – to support brain injury recovery charity, SameYou.

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Take part in our survey and help with the challenge of returning to work

Emilia Clarke is calling for brain injury survivors and their carers to help shine a spotlight on the difficulties of returning to work after trauma as her charity SameYou joins forces with the Big Issue.

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Volunteers needed to help develop a new therapy

The University of Birmingham is looking for volunteers to develop a new therapy which helps brain injury survivors focus on seeing themselves as the person they were before their trauma, and to maintain a good relationship with their partner.

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SameYou joins the UK Stroke Forum coalition

SameYou has joined the UK Stroke Forum, a coalition of 31 organisations who are all committed to improving stroke care in the UK.

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Five years with SameYou

From the moment we launched, and Emilia told her story, thousands of survivors reached out to us to share details of their own journeys – which shockingly revealed a huge unmet need for rehabilitation.

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Calling for better brain injury rehabilitation

Brain Injury Awareness Month is dedicated to highlighting the complexities of brain injury and its true impact on survivors.

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MBE awards investiture ceremony image

Emilia and Jenny receive their MBE awards at Windsor Castle

SameYou co-founders Emilia and Jenny Clarke attended Windsor Castle today to receive their MBE awards for services to People with Brain Injuries.

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SameYou joins forces with healthcare charities to call for better access to rehab

SameYou is backing a major campaign calling for an end to the postcode lottery for NHS rehabilitation services that help people recover from illness and accidents such as car crashes, cancer or strokes.

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The impact of brain injury on loved ones

"Having to transition from wife to carer in the matter of a morning requires adjustments. I feel loved ones need the help and support as much as the survivors, as they have to live with the brain injury just as much as we do.

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