Help us improve brain injury recovery services

SameYou is marking Stroke Awareness Month - and we need your support.

Suffering a stroke can be a life-changing event that impacts a person’s ability to perform daily activities. Their physical abilities, communications skills, cognitive functions, mental health and social connections may all be affected.

Yet sadly we know from the thousands of survivors around the world who contact us that access to rehabilitation is shockingly inadequate.

Dramatically improving brain injury recovery services which are offered to stroke survivors is a key part of SameYou's mission.

SameYou operates with a small team and works with powerful partners globally to launch ground-breaking therapies and lead vital research into brain injury that wouldn’t be funded otherwise.

Our work has led to launching a pioneering group rehabilitation programme called Neurorehabilitation Online (NROL) – and it’s the charity’s aim to see this replicated around the world.

The NROL programme is made up of ten important components including physiotherapy, advice on how to live well, support for cognitive communication difficulties, ways to improve speech and a ‘café’ group for support and discussion.

This one-to-many model means it is cost-effective and ensures therapists can treat more patients – and deliver outstanding outcomes.

During Stroke Awareness Month, we are inviting you to support this work by making a small donation. Just £10 would help buy a rehabilitation session for a brain injury survivor.


The global impact of stroke is startling

Each year, 15 million people worldwide suffer from a stroke. Of these, 5 million are left permanently disabled.*

1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime. This number has increased 50% over the last 17 years.**

In 2019, 63% of stroke happened in people younger than 70 years old. It is no longer a disease of the elderly.**

Help us to change the lives of survivors around the world by supporting our work today.



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