Jenny: Nurses were key to my daughter's recovery

Jenny Clarke, CEO and Co-founder of SameYou, outlined how the ‘irreplaceable and precious’ role of the nurse is key to the future of rehabilitation in an article written for the Nursing Standard.

The opinion piece, published ahead of her talk to healthcare professionals at next month’s Nursing Live event, explained that Jenny and her family saw first-hand how nurses helped Emilia to make a full recovery after surviving two life-threatening brain haemorrhages while working on Game of Thrones.

However, Jenny adds that when setting up SameYou, the charity’s own research revealed it was clear that nurses are not enabled to play as big a part as they could to help recovery after a patient survives trauma, and many of the multidisciplinary teams they met did not include nurses.

This led to SameYou setting up a nurse education programme alongside partners and campaigning to improve rehabilitation.

It includes work with the RCN Foundation and the University of Edinburgh to create a postgraduate certificate programme for advanced level practitioner nurses.

And led to important research with the RCN Foundation and The London School of Economics and Political Science to evaluate the economic benefits of investing in advance practice nurse training.

Campaigning also took SameYou to Geneva as it was granted membership to the newly formed World Health Organisation’s World Rehabilitation Alliance to help boost worldwide access to rehabilitation.

Nursing Standard is a journal which publishes information on the latest developments impacting the healthcare sector, including changes in policy, practice and research.


Jenny will be at Nursing Live on November 11, speaking about the role of the patient voice in healthcare. Register here

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