Donate via Payroll Giving

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Payroll Giving is an easy and tax-efficient way for you to support SameYou straight from your payroll. Regular giving supports us in making plans and allowing us to focus on our charitable objectives.

As an employee, you choose how much you want to give to SameYou each payday (minimum £1). By donating to SameYou from your gross pay, there is no tax liability on your donation and you will pay less tax.

Let’s give you an example. A donation of £10.00 to SameYou per pay period will only cost you:

  • ‍£8.00 if you’re a basic rate taxpayer
  • £6.00 if you’re a higher rate taxpayer
  • £5.50 if you’re an additional rate taxpayer

It is easy to setup and once it is done you can feel confident your money will be transmitted safely every month to SameYou.

Contact: [email protected] for more information on how to set Payroll Giving.

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