New Private Donation Campaign with Silent Donor

As you all know, we are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to engage our donors. We are happy to launch our newest international fundraising campaign in partnership with Silent Donor, which will allow for private donors to make donations through Silent Donor’s secure platform.

This will be an exclusive and private fundraising effort with the goal of raising money to directly help patients using our brain injury recovery telerehabilitation program. By partnering with Silent Donor, we are creating a unique way to attract donors and advance the development of our life-saving therapy program. With a lot of normal fundraising activities sidelined due to the current economic conditions, this campaign will run for roughly 45 days and will be focused on raising higher-value donations (minimum $5,000). If you would like to contribute a higher-value donation to SameYou as part of this campaign, please contact Silent Donor at [email protected] 

Silent Donor is a trusted partner and the largest anonymous donation platform in the US, allowing for people and companies to donate to any organization they are passionate about with full anonymity. Their mission is to allow donors to privately donate funds wherever they like, without receiving any unwanted attention or future solicitations.

The N-ROL Program

During COVID-19, SameYou knew people with stroke and other brain injuries were spending less time in hospital receiving neurorehabilitation. Rehabilitation is often the forgotten part of the care pathway – but it’s vital for achieving the best recovery. SameYou wanted to find a way of helping community rehabilitation teams by offering additional online group based neurorehabilitation to people directly in their own homes. The virtual sessions, led by trained therapists, covers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive strategy, fatigue management and emotional support. With your help and fundraising, this will give us the opportunity to engage more patients internationally.

Professor Nick Ward (University College London, Queen Square Institute of Neurology) remarked:

“The coronavirus pandemic means people with stroke and brain injuries will be living back at home much earlier than normal: we will have a large population of vulnerable patients in the community, who need support.

Ordinarily rehabilitation teams would visit patients at home, however due to Covid-19 this cannot happen, so we want to use virtual technologies to ensure good levels of care can still be provided.

This funding enables us to pilot a project, which uses existing technologies such as WhatsApp or Zoom, to get essential rehabilitation into people’s homes. We will set up virtual rehabilitation and support groups and to provide both emotional and physical support – helping them adjust to what’s happened.”



Here are some quotes from patients who have taken part in N-ROL showing the impact the rehabilitation has had on their lives:

“It’s been life saving.”

“Whoever thought this (N-ROL) up has got to get a knighthood.”

“It’s allowed me to be me - opportunity for me to learn myself again, re-learn how to walk/talk/communicate.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your expertise online with this group! It has truly been a lifeline for me!”.

“I forgot to say thank you to the charity which was set up by Emilia Clarke and her mum. Because of it we were all able to receive such amazing, loving support, factual information on how to deal practically and emotionally with coming to terms with a stroke and giving us hope for the future as well as being able to meet such a compassionate group of human beings.”

“I thank you for helping me accept the 'new' me with all the highs and lows along my path to recovery.”

“Going to the meeting made me feel like it’s okay to talk about things that aren’t good as well as things that are good.”

“Knowing that I’m having really good therapy and meeting all the people here has made me feel very positive.”

“The group allow me to be able to accept myself.  I have been able to know how to accept my issues and how to handle it.”

“Having a stroke is another hurdle to be overcome and regaining that independence feels so crucial at this time. You and your team's support has been so fantastic, so thank you.”

“We have received tailored help, training and guidance in a number of classes. This has given structure, group support, knowledge and motivation to help us both deal with and manage the life changing situation which the stroke created.”

“It is a great thing to be able to reach out to the community directly into people’s homes in this way and I feel sure that many patients and their families will benefit from this innovative technical yet very personal approach and I thank you once again for making this possible.”

If you are interested in donating anonymously to this great cause to help continue this work, please click here where you will be directed to the Silent Donor donation page. The minimum donation for this fundraising campaign is $5,000 (and we would of course welcome anything higher). 

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