Social media post sparks support from brain injury survivors

A SameYou social media post supporting World Mental Health Day sparked scores of comments from brain injury survivors who gave important advice on how to tackle recovery.

World Mental Health Day was held on Tuesday to raise awareness and rally support for those experiencing mental health issues, which can affect how we feel, think and deal with stress.

For brain injury survivors, common issues can include anxiety, depression and anger, which should lead to vital support from psychologists and talking therapies.

The awareness day prompted survivors to speak out on SameYou’s social media platforms to explain how they tackled recovery. The post asked: What advice would you give to someone starting their brain injury recovery journey?

Comments included:

“Be kind to yourself. Rest, breathe, and be okay with slow days. The fact that you are here at all and survived is amazing. Take the small wins and grow slowly.”

Another said:

“Keep going. Have self-compassion, don’t forget you’re not alone. Be patient with your new brain and find ways to love the new person you have had to become.”

Comments also mention practical advice such as more sleep, journaling and learning something new.

Jenny Clarke, CEO and Co-Founder of SameYou said: “We were so pleased to see so many encouraging messages of support for survivors on World Mental Health Day which is so vital for recovery. It was a hugely important day for us as we receive thousands of stories from survivors that reveal they don’t have access to adequate social and mental health rehabilitation and it’s essential.

“SameYou is a member of the World Health Organisation's World Rehabilitation Alliance. The WHO says that one in eight people globally are living with mental health conditions, but many cannot access the care they so desperately need. This is a truly frightening statistic and outlines the importance of our work – we need to ensure quality rehabilitation is in place for survivors, worldwide.”

SameYou seed funds innovations in research and therapies, works with partners to deliver education programmes for healthcare professionals and enables real-time group rehabilitation services to revolutionise care.

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