Challenging times for my family

The last year few years have been challenging for Eva and her husband Antonio. Two years ago, Eva had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage due to a brain aneurysm.


Eva spent almost a month in ICU, but thankfully, slowly started to recover without any disabilities.

Eva Fraile is a Research Sister at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon and was determined to get back to her job which she loves.

Eva began with a very slow phased return and just as she was ready to return full time, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK and nurses were being redeployed onto the front line where all hands were needed. Eva says "part of me was a bit worried and part of me was disappointed".

"While all of my colleagues were going to be redeployed and were so needed to look after patients, I was going to be shielded because it was too risky for me to be in the front line and get infected with Covid-19".

Eva was not more likely to catch Covid but risked deteriorating much faster after her SAH.

Eva continued to feel disappointed to be carrying out an office job until the Covid-19 trials started coming to the hospital where she worked, and her experience as a research nurse was needed again. Now more than ever, research and trials are needed to fight a virus that we don't really know much about.

Before Eva suffered a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Antonio says that he didn't have any prior knowledge about brain injuries or the number of people affected by them: "We were fortunate that Eva was able to recover and return to work, and from then on decided that each family member should select a charity to support. 

Eva chose SameYou as the cause is very close to her heart and feels they do a marvelous job supporting people with brain injury and raising awareness".

When Eva saw the opportunity to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for SameYou she signed her husband Antonio up and will be there to cheer him and the rest of #TeamSameYou on!

Watch Eva's story here:


SameYou do a marvelous job supporting people with brain injury and raising awareness. Please, support with anything you can #braininjuryrecovery #icandothis #lookingfoward”, Eva Fraile

Thank you to Antonio for taking on Eva's challenge to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for SameYou.  Let's all show our support and thanks to Eva for the wonderful job she continues to do after her brain injury.  If you would like to sponsor Antonio, please donate via his fundraising page here.

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