You are What you Eat

If there is one eating habit that you would like to change, what would it be? 

You Are What You Eat SameYou logoFrom the 20th of February until the 21st of March, SameYou is holding its “You are what you eat” fundraising challenge. Healthy eating habits can do a world of good to our overall health and by joining our fundraising campaign, you'll also find out more about how adopting healthy eating habits can play an important role in maximising brain injury recovery and brain health.  

For a whole month, we challenge you to change one eating habit that you know you could improve on. Let it be reducing your sugar intake, giving up junk food or introducing new food to your diet, let’s support one another in becoming a better version of ourselves. 

Share your fundraising page with family, colleagues and friends, or even better, invite them to join you on this challenge. Let them in on the healthy eating habit changes you will be implementing during the campaign and that they can support you by donating to your fundraising page. Get people in your social media involved by using the hashtag #youarewhatyoueat and by tagging SameYou. 

As part of this campaign, join our “You are what you eat” Facebook group to access a variety of resources that will help keep you on track. 

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Why join SameYou’s “You are what you eat” nutrition challenge? 

Whether you want to support your New Year’s resolution, review your eating habit, work on implementing healthier food choices or perhaps even shed some weight, SameYou’s “You are what you eat” fundraising challenge aims to help you make the first step towards initiating changes that can support your physical, mental and brain health. 

Just as per brain injury recovery, you don't have to do this alone so let’s support one another in working towards a better version of the SameYou. 


What resources will you have access to as part of SameYou’s “You are what you eat” nutrition challenge? 

As part of this campaign, you will have access to a range of resources to help you change an eating habit of your choice. Resources include: 

  • SameYou’s “You are what you eat” Tips to help you get started,  
  • “You are what you eat” accountability calendar  
  • “You are what you eat” SameYou Facebook group 
  • Sign up to receive an electronic version of the SameYou / Circle Rehabilitation recipe book


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