33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery

Be part of the recovery revolution.

We have launched the 33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery challenge.


Become one of our SameYou game changers and sign up for the 33 Steps to Brain Injury Recovery challenge to help support the 1 in 3 people - or 33% of the population - who will sustain a brain injury in their life-time.

There are a number of ways to get involved with our challenge - it could be taking 33 steps for someone early in recovery or walking 33 minutes a day. It could be reading or colouring 33 pages of a book to stimulate your brain, finding 33 chances to be mindful or even having 33 conversations about the effects of a brain injury. It could also be baking 33 delicious cakes for your family.

We're asking you - supporters, carers and brain injury survivors - to commit to completing those 33 minutes of activity each day, or doing the 33 in your own unique way, from June 12 to July 10.

The challenge is designed to highlight the three important elements needed to support the whole person as they recover from a brain injury: brain, body and spirit.


Why we need you:

Our vision is to transform the way brain injury survivors and their loved ones are supported through emotional, mental health and cognitive recovery services.

In our first four years we have delivered practical help and tangible improvements in recovery. We have taken action to improve neurorehabilitation by working with clinicians and we have funded groundbreaking solutions, launched support networks and created awareness to drive change.

But we can't do this alone. We need our survivors, carers, providers and allies to join SameYou and together we can continue to help improve recovery.

We know we have more to do and with your help, we know we can get there.

Thank you for supporting us - and the 1 in 3 that will need our help.


Dates: From June 12 to July 10

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