New partnership to support survivors and carers to return to work

The new partnership aims to help survivors and carers cope with the often overwhelming prospective of returning to work after their brain injury. 61% of respondents to the survey said they would have benefitted from a job coach to ease their return to work.

Big Issue Recruit supports people who face barriers to work with finding sustainable employment, and this partnership will expand this support to brain injury survivors and their carers. Individuals will work one-to-one with expert job coaches to get back to work. Big Issue Recruit works with candidates, pre, during and post-employment to ensure this employment is truly sustainable.

Jenny Clarke MBE, CEO and Co-Founder of SameYou, says: “We’re proud to be partnering with Big Issue Recruit, supporting brain injury survivors and their carers, with their return to work by building their confidence and finding the right employment pathways for them.”

Paul Cheal, CEO of the Big Issue Group, said: “There is a clear need to create more support and clear pathways for those returning to work after experiencing a brain injury.

“We are pleased to extend the work of Big Issue Recruit, to a wider group of people who face barriers to work - brain injury survivors and carers of people who have experienced a brain injury. These are often a forgotten group of people in society.

“By partnering with SameYou, our ambition is not only to highlight the challenges that brain injury survivors encounter in returning to work or finding a new role, but also to work together to bolster the support we offer candidates by adding a Job Coach to the Big Issue Recruit team to specialise in this area of need.”

To find out more about Big Issue Recruit and the pathways it offers people who face barriers into work, or if you’re an employer that would like to be part of those pathways, visit


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